Railcar Repair

Railcar Maintenance

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Mobile Railcar Repair and Maintenance Services

Longleaf Freight LLC offers repair and maintenance services for privately-owned and leased railcar fleets. Our qualified rail car inspectors can provide customers with an overview of potential repair needs before cars have to be bad ordered and home shopped, keeping rolling stock safer and in compliance with AAR and FRA guidelines. Contact us for additional information about:

  • Air brake system inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Car Inspection
  • Light Car Repair
  • Mechanical and safety appliance inspection
  • AAR running repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Pre-trip and load inspections
  • Warranty repairs
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Our Team

  • Qualified Mechanical Inspectors
  • AWS D15.1 Certified Welders
  • Over 20 years of combined experience

Our Mobile Repair teams have the capability to...

  • Repair the railcar at remote locations
  • Eliminate the need to ‘home shop’  railcars
  • Repair the car for immediate loading or unload freight at customer facility
  • Greatly reduce repair costs and bad orders

Longleaf freight llc

Our unrelenting attitude to contract switching services, railcar repair, and railcar maintenance says one thing, and one thing only: we're here to help you.